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July 25, 2012
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HM: Xyrena Darkhar by DarthRose HM: Xyrena Darkhar by DarthRose


RP with me via chat or notes. But I prefer chat, thank you!

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Finished with a day to spare. I feel so accomplished- :iconsuperonionplz:
I did not screw up on her skin color- That's her skin color when she gets into water, I just didn't draw her tail. |D
Oh dear, another RP group? //SHOT
Nope, I did not misspell morph... nope... it's not morphy. Nope, I did not misspell anything. |D

Name: Xyrena Darkhar
Creature: Cyborg Siren Because I'm sooooooo original like that
Tower: Void
    . . . | Kind | Soft hearted | Apathetic | Big sister | Lonely | . . . | Tough | Withdrawn | Irritable | Brutally Honest | Secretive | She keeps a cold exterior and a frigid nature to prevent others from getting close to her. This can be broken by time or alcohol. Tease her, and she might try to kill you, but it's funny because she rages. She doesn't like talking about her past.
    :bulletred:Do not read if you're against cannibalism, rape, dismemberment and sick, sick people. At the young strapping age of 100, Xyrena was finally old enough to follow her sisters to the surface waters for her coming of age ceremony where she would sing and seduce men to their deaths. She lived a very happy 50 years after that, singing to those poor unfortunate souls and watch them jump out of their ships to meet her. She would then steal their souls with a kiss and turn them into pearls because the pearls' colors would differ according to the person. Their flesh was also a delicacy which she enjoyed greatly. However, all that changed when she had a sore throat and was unable to sing for a week. Being the smart 150 year old she was, she decided to venture further out of her family's cove to one of the bustling sea side cities called Serillia. Honestly, she had never seen so many humans in one place, so she decided to hang about. Smart move for a voiceless Siren. It was around that time when she met this human, in his mid twenties, handsome and blessed with an athletic build. Just the type she loved to eat. However, there was something different about him. Probably, it was the fact that he would often bring dismembered limbs of women to the little sea cavern she hid out at. Women's flesh was always a delicacy to Sirens since women didn't set sail very often in those days. So, to her, he was unknowingly being kind. Soon, she fell in love with this man, more like hungering for, despite the fact that he was a serial killer, and slipped up. She had let herself be seen by him in her human form while she was feasting on some left over intestines. He, being the sick sick man he was, too fell in love with her and so, he took her and raped her. Then, with his sword, dismembered her right arm so that she will be able to 'taste' herself. Xyrena, who was whipped by reality that this man would kill her, tore his neck with her teeth, stole his soul and escaped into the waters where she would be safe. However, due to the loss of blood, she ended up passing out before she reached her family's cove. She awoke soon after on a bed. Her dismembered arm was replaced by a light weight, water proof cyborg arm. Her savior, who did not know she was a siren, aged thirty at the time asked to marry her. She, deciding to return the favor of her life, agreed. There, she spent fifteen years, happily with him. Sadly, that all came to an end when people soon realized that she hadn't aged in the slightest. So, she took her husband's soul as a memento of the times they shared and wandered for about thirty more years till she found Heim's Mansion. She would have returned home, but the outside world was filled with so many tasty people.
    ★ Her bionic arm: Has yet to be upgraded with weaponry, but helps cut through the water. ★ Her legs morph into a tail when in contact with water. ★ Can breathe under water. ★ She can manipulate the minds of people with her singing. ★ She can steal souls with a kiss. ★ She has some control over water.
    • Intense heat causes her to dry instantly. • Alcohol sends her into a rage then knocks her out in an hour. • Easily overexerted on land and needs 10 hours of sleep daily if out of the water for more than 3 straight hours. • She's prone to catching illnesses. • Her strength and powers are cut in half when on land. • Anything shiny distracts her no matter what she's doing.
    ♥ Smirking ♥ Her hair. ♥ Soul Pearls. ♥ Human flesh. ♥ Energy Drinks. ♥ Other Water-Types ♥ Water. Water. Water. ♥ Strangling people like Homer Simpson ♥ Singing To drag people to their deaths.
    ✖ Idiots. ✖ Losing. ✖ Dreams. ✖ Running. ✖ Sleeping. ✖ Nosy people. ✖ Fixing her arm. ✖ Being called a cyborg. ✖ People touching her hair. ✖ FISH KILLERS
    ♫ A raging Alcoholic. ♫ She might eat you. ♫ Don't. Touch. The. Hair. ♫ Her right eye is pitch black. ♫ She sucks at smiling on cue/at all. ♫ Fish Aquatic animals love her, and she them. ♫ She'll swing both ways if she gets to eat them later. ♫ She has 73 (and counting) other sisters god knows where. ♫ Fell in love with a serial killer because he fed her human meat. (History) ♫ She has reoccurring nightmares of her rape and loss of her arm. (History) ♫ She has a journal where she writes all of her true emotions and darkest thoughts. ♫ You know you're friends if you touch her hair and she doesn't try to rip your throat out. Don't push it though. ♫ Her hair remains the same, but her right eye turns blue and her skin turns peachy when she's in her human form.

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oh my god she's beautiful!
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Wow, I really love her design! I really love the outfit and the hair!
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*a note has been shoved under your door! You hear laughter as the sender disappears. The note reads in Hiemsian: Damn. It seems the virus passed through you without affect. Consider yourself IMMUNE. -Kazu

(( You are safe from being infected :icongrinfaceplz: ))

DarthRose Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Xyrena: :iconwthplz: Virus.. immune...? *She crumples her brows and squints at the words before tossing the letter aside, figuring that it was just a scare played out by several idiots. Too self absorbed to care, she decides to retire early for the night. Maybe she'll check out whether or not the story is true the next day or something.*

((:iconwoootplz: Immunity!!!))
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